I have had a lot of contact with Martina for a couple of years now since she has been in the employ of First National Busselton.
Since I have business connections with this firm and she works in that arm of their interests,we have dealt with many items that concern my portfolio.
I have always found Martina to be extremely efficient and anything I request from her is delivered promptly.She is courteous ,succinct and approachable at all levels.Therefore it is a pleasure to know she can always be relied on to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome to any reasonable venture.

Kathrine Sutherland
Martina Flinn - Property Manager
12 April 2016

Hi Andrea,

I don’t know how much credit you get from people in your role at First National. Working with the public is a really hard thing to do and can often be a negative experience. You guy’s must see it often.
I would like to say thankyou for your great efficiency and excellent attitude. Keep working towards making people happy in their transition and take away the positives.
Give yourself a big pat on the back and ask the boss for a raise!!!! If he needs validation tell him to call me.
Great work Andrea and thankyou.

Jason Passfield
Andrea Jovanovich - Property Manager
24 March 2016

Dear Mel,

We greatly appreciate your efforts in successfully delivering an offer to us in only 2 days of being on
the market…wow !!
Your warm and genuine nature made us feel comfortable in our choice of using you as our agent.
The appraisal was a mere formality, as your knowledge of the area and market provided us
confidence and helped us derive an agreeable listing price.
Responding quickly and communicating effectively, at no time in the sale negotiation did we feel
that you were not working for us, the seller. You negotiated a price that we feel was fair to both
Thank you for being ‘real’ !! Keep on doing what you’re doing !! We wish you every success in your

Craig & Kerry Jackson
Mel McCurry - Property Consultant
10 February 2016

Hi Cindy,

Firstly, thank you again for your incredibly professional and prompt service in relation to my application and tenancy at 9 MacIntyre; it has made my transition to Busselton so much smoother and is greatly appreciated.

Tracy Johnston
Cindy Randell - Property Manager
4 February 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mel McCurry for her ethical and professional approach regarding my recent business dealings with her. During my meetings with Mel she has addressed my business with promptness and efficiency, having good and sold knowledge of her area of expertise which has made the whole process flow very smoothly. Mel has a lovely bright, friendly and bubbly personality and it has been a pleasure to meet with her and discuss business in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. I was impressed with Mel's commitment to client advocacy and troubleshooting ability when problems arose. I look forward to continuing my business relationship with Mel and wish her all the best in her new role.

Vicki Bennett - Malvick Constructions
Mel McCurry - Property Consultant
18 February 2015

Hi Cindy and Andrea,

I wanted to thank you both for being great property managers: First National is a well run, super organised, highly professional agency and we are really fortunate to have been with you for the past three years.
Cindy you especially have been a stand-out professional and the best property manager we've ever had , so thanks again for all of your efforts on our behalf, wishing you all the best in your new role. And Andrea we wish you all the best for the future, thanks for your help these recent months.

Bec Coe
Cindy Randell - Property Manager & Andrea Jovanovich - Property Manager
30 June 2014